Introducing the new Lumu Power


Thanks to 1705 backers, a light meter for the future is now becoming a reality. The Kickstarter campaign has ended, but you can still pre-order your own Lumu Power.



Shipping in September 2016. Estimated retail price $299.

Press about Lumu Power



“Lumulabs is back with a significantly
more powerful light meter.”


"A good photographer doesn't say
I'll fix it later.”


“Lumu Power will make traditional
light meters obsolete.”


“There is nothing similar available that
comes close to the price.”


Insanely Simple

Color Temperature, White Balance, Flash and Ambient Exposure or Illuminance. You can measure all of them with one simple device and one simple app.


Flat Diffuser Side

The True Color sensor behind it measures Color temperature, White balance and Illuminance 

Each side for it's own purpose


Hemispherical Diffuser Side

The Fast Silicone Photodiode measures Exposure: Ambient light and Flash light.  


One device to rule them all


Until now you needed to use multiple tools. They have too much limitations, are too complex and take time and work to use. Lumu Power is just one device that has the power of many. 


Insanely accurate


Lumu Power incorporates two state-of-the art sensors. True Color sensor, based on the color standard CIE 1931/DIN 5033, and Photodiode with CIE spectral luminous efficiency. TL;DR: They're better than human eyes.


Tech Specs



  • Measuring range: 0.15 - 250,000 lux
  • Accuracy: +/- 3%
  • Flat Diffuser, Cosine-type response


  • Power source: iOS device
  • Materials: Housing: Stainless Steel, Diffusers: Polycarbonate Lexan
  • Compatibility: iOS devices using Lightning connector, running iOS 8+


  • Measuring range: EV -4 to 20 at ISO 100
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.1 EV
  • Light receptor: fast-response Silicon photo diode, CIE spectral luminous efficiency
  • Hemispherical Diffuser, Cardioid-type responses

Color (Temperature)

  • Light receptor: True Color Sensor, CIE 1931 Color standard Human eye perception
  • Sensitivity: Visible light
  • Dynamic range: 1:1,000,000
  • Accuracy: < 0.6 deltaE, Repeatability: < 0.2 deltaE
  • Flat Diffuser, Cosine-type response


Size comparison (in millimeters) between the original Lumu meter and the new Lumu Power.

Size comparison (in millimeters) between the original Lumu meter and the new Lumu Power.


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